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Tea Cup, Toast Stoneware/Blue Grey (Study)


Every object offered by Miro Made This is completely made by hand—thrown and trimmed on the potter's wheel, and carefully glazed and finished, piece by piece. Each bears the mark of its maker in subtle variations of curve, form, and texture, as well as those found within the clay body itself. Please note that no two pieces are exactly alike—more sisters than twins: closely related, not exactly duplicates, but still a family.

Collection comprises the mainstays of MMT—the basic forms of teacups, bowls, plates, and carafes that are offered as a recognizable and cohesive body of high-quality work.

Studies are limited editions of different shapes, forms, clay bodies, and glazes that provide Miro with the opportunity to experiment within her chosen medium and expand her practice.

Seconds consists of pieces that have small flaws such as color variations, marks, or inconsistent glazing that renders pieces not suitable for the collection, but nevertheless, still of value. In fact, some favor the greater variations of seconds—depending on a personal preference for uniqueness.

Tea Cup, Toast Stoneware/Blue Grey (Study)

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Tea Cup, Toast Stoneware/Blue Grey (Study)


Perfectly sized for: your morning cuppa, bobby pins, a miniature succulent, or Junmai sake for you and a friend

3.25" tall, 2.75" diameter
Toast stoneware, sandy finish
Interior glaze in grey_blue, gloss, with occasional swirls of white or pale pink (from the tin in the glaze)
Food safe

Price is for one item.

See our mention in Bon Appetit Magazine's December 2017 issue, and also online, in the Healthish section, in The 8 Ceramics We're Giving All Our Friends This Year.

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